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Enchanting Egypt Travel and Tours is a wholesale tour brand which works with Egyptian and Jordanian Ground Tour Operators and Travel agents to provide high quality tour experiences in Egypt.

We provide guests with an amazing and inspiring experience of some of the most beautiful treasures of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

We work directly with local operators to ensure that the quality of services is maintained to our high standards and that we assist our guests to have an “enchanting” time in Egypt and or Jordan!

The country has an ethos of excellence in service and standards of accommodation, transportation and all other services.

Egypt is a unique country with a mix of influences from Ancient times, including the Greek and Roman empires, the Bedouins, Berbers and other Arabian and North African cultures, through to more modern influences from the start of many of the world’s major religions being Judaeism, Christianity, and Islam, through to the Ottomans, the French and British influences, the Farouks and the Pan Arabic leaders of the 20th Century.


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